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 Dear crew managers / ship-owners,

*NEREIDA* crewing is one of the best Ukrainian crewing agencies in Kherson.

We are a team of professionals, a straightforward and dynamically developing company, specialized in providing best-qualified crews for various ship owners.

We have a large experience in crewing and shipping industry.

Our business is to supply skilled fitters, welders, seamen, motormen, chief engineers, 3-rd, 2-nd engineers, chief officers, 3-rd, 2-nd officers, captains, ship's cooks and other.

We have database of over 3500 skilled maritime workers with experience on any type of vessels and we expert to increase the number of competent seafarers due to the large interest in shipping career.

More than 400 young officers and engineers are graduating and more 800 ratings are obtaining their qualification each year.

All the candidates are thoroughly screened with regard to their qualifications, experience and personal qualities. Only the most competitive, with the best skills, English knowledge and qualifications are included in our database.

We will appreciate any opportunity of coopeation with your company.

If you are interested in our proposal please contact us. We hope that our agency will be a reliable partner to you. 

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